Find A Web Designer | How To Actually Find a Good Web Designer

In today’s web centric world almost most of the persons who run their own business use to feel the need of an elegant, eye-catching and yet at the same point of time a user friendly design to reach out to the Global community to publicize their product or sometimes there ideas. So when we decide to do the same we tend to find a web designer who can deliver us with our desired website design. But often we use to hear from peoples around us complaining about the poor user experience related to design and user-friendliness. This is where Importance of User Centric Design comes in short (Web 2.0).

Now what actually is a Web 2.0 design? The websites which offer users to do more than just retrieving information are generally known as Web 2.0 design. It can be developed based on the interactive facilities of Web 1.0 so that it can provide network as a platform of computing and also at the same point of time allowing users to run different software applications entirely through different web browsers. The basic need of the Importance of User Centric Design binds together the capabilities of client and server side software along with content syndication and the use of network protocols. There are generally six basic features that a web 2.0 website typically includes. Those are:

* Search:- This feature helps users to fetch there necessary required information by providing certain keywords.

* Links: – This feature is generally used to provide low barrier social tools.

* Authoring:- This feature provides the flexibility to create and update content provided by the collaborative work of many rather than a few Authors.

* Tags: – This featured can be described as the categorization of content by using short or one word descriptions.

* Extensions:-This can be described as the software’sthat makes the application platform along with the document server.

* Signals:- Signals are well known as syndication technology such as RSS which are used to notify registered users about recent updates.

While we search for a good web designer who understands the Importance of User Centric Design we should always keep in mind about the five basic general mistakes that we should avoid. Those are:

* Flash Intro page or tons of pages full of flash pages: Generally websites developed based on flash are very visually appealing, eye-catching and attracting. But we need to keep in mind that this doesn’t work for everyone of us. Until and unless the company is a as big as Coca-Cola or we are ready to spend a amount around a million dollar for just the promotion of our website. The website should be simple which would help to drive traffic for free.

* Choosing a designer who suggests using Frames: This is totally a search engine issue. Using frames generally hamper the search engines ability to follow your site, its navigation and the basic motto of your site.

* Using a pre-designed template to design your website: We can find several good looking pre-designed templates around us offered in various websites. But the basic problem with using these templates rather than using custom designed ones is the lack of consistency and branding.

* Do not ever use a part-time designer: The main problem in using a part time Web designer is there problem to find time for your work. They generally use to have a main job which takes up the major portion of their time.

* Using your relatives to design your website: Many times we see that peoples tend to hire someone they know personally to save their money and time. But at the end of the day most of the time it ends up being just the opposite, as they are not aware of the job.

While finding a web designer who knows the Importance of User Centric Design (Web 2.0) if we keep the above mentioned points in our mind it would not only make our life more easy but also will help us to find a designer who can deliver us with our desired standard of work.

How to Decide If You Should Redesign Your Website

If you are thinking of redesigning your website, you should have a good reason for doing so. A website redesign is an important factor in further enhancing your customer’s experience as they use your facilities. Or it could result in just the opposite.

There can be several factors for considering a website redesign, but essentially, these factors need to be thought of thoroughly before implementing your redesign project. Redesigning your site can change not just the look but the familiar flow of information and processes that your regular customers have gotten used to and they may or may not appreciate this. It can enhance or mar your intended purpose.

To help you in gauging whether you’re website is ready for a change; here are some points to consider.

Consider a redesign of your website if your company has experienced some significant changes that have affected its former goals or offerings in some way.

New Management/New Market Strategies

Usually, a change in the management level also signifies new goals for the company. A new management team’s first goal would be improve the business in some major way and a website redesign might be in order to implement new market strategies as well. A website redesign for this reason is useful in establishing the business’ new identity, new goals and strategies.

Customers usually view a website redesign as a signal that the company has undergone a major change. Because the website is a highly accessible medium such changes can be conveyed more easily and customers are apt to take more immediate notice of these changes.

New Products/New Services

Your business has evolved and you are offering a new product or service. A website redesign can support your marketing strategy by focusing on these new offerings. As mentioned above, a website redesign can immediately get a customer’s attention. However, to take opportunity of this curiosity, the new design must be able to draw customers into learning about the new offerings instead of turning off their curiosity so that they veer away from knowing more.

It is not simply a matter of adding a new page for the new product. The new design should be able to focus the customer’s attention on the new product or services without overshadowing your existing product line or service offerings.

New Goals/Expansion/Growth

Expanding your business to other markets will mean revitalizing your website’s look to cater to new targeted end-users and to appeal to more types of potential customers. Whether due to new management, new market strategies, or new product/service offerings, integrating these elements into your current business processes and customer knowledge base entails a streamlining of processes and a venue for disseminating the required information.

New elements should be integrated as seamlessly as possible to make sure that the customer experience is enhanced. Especially if new processes are involved, integrating them into the old steps already familiar to the customer can be a hassle if not planned properly. It is not merely a problem of adding a step 2 in between the existing step 1 and step 2 in the process. It also entails adequate information on why step 2 is necessary and how this additional step benefits the customer in his/her transactions with the company. In the streamlining process, step 1 and 2 may even be combined to make the process shorter and customers may appreciate this more than learning about why a new step is necessary.

The above-mentioned major reasons for considering a website redesign may not necessarily happen individually. In fact, for most businesses, these changes may happen one after the other. It is not easy to decide how or what types of changes need to be made to your current website so that it clearly communicates your business’ new goals. But with careful planning and a clear goal in mind, your designer should be able to help you turn your vision into a fresh new look for your website.

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Tricks And Tips On How To Create Good Quality Website Creation

In order to run a successful website, you need to have a good understanding of the best website design practices. Proper design allows you to make a site that’s easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and that looks professional. Not only will this entice new visitors, but it will make them repeat viewers as well. This article gives you many tips that are going to help you design an outstanding website.

The more time you spend working on your site, the easier website development will become. So, go ahead and start up some simple pages with HTML and C+ to see if you have some of the fundamentals down. The sooner you start practicing, the sooner you’ll be an expert.

Elicit feedback from your visitors. This will give you a mechanism where your visitors can let you know if something is broken, doesn’t work as well as it should or is confusing. Giving your visitors a voice makes them much more likely to return to your site and continue the conversation.

TIP! Invest in a library of books which will aid you in learning the field of web design. Start with books around your skill level, so that you don’t skip any necessary information.

Make sure all your domains, including sub-domains, include visible taglines. Keywords will make your website more relevant to search engines and increase traffic to your site. The tagline itself is for informative purposes. It should quickly define the current page or its purpose, if you will. This can easily make or break a visit to the site.

Resist any temptation to use pop-up windows when you design your website. They may seem helpful, but they are seen as more annoying by visitors than not. When you add pop-up windows to your website, you run the risk of frustrating people to the point that they won’t come back.

When you design a website, be aware of the value of leaving blank space in your layout. You will make your visitors feel overwhelmed if you use all the space available. Leave some space between the items you want your visitors to notice. This will give your website a more comfortable atmosphere. In some cases, empty space can be just as valuable as content.

TIP! Do not use a relative if you are seeking a professional to assist you with your website design. When you are working on designing your webpage, it is never smart to hire your friends or members of your family.

Make sure the colors and fonts used on each page of your website are consistent. Making changes in colors and fonts from one page to another may confuse visitors, and they may think that they have left your site. If you apply consistent use of graphics and colors, this will not happen. Use the same fonts, colors, and styles in your company literature and brochures to maximize cohesiveness.

Avoid the use of CAPTCHAs whenever you can. Captchas can trigger a negative response from a viewer when it makes them perform the task just so they can view a basic webpage. Unless they are already a devoted member, they will likely just leave the page and browse elsewhere.

When building multiple web pages in the subcategory of your site, your best helper will be the copy/paste attribute on your computer. You can save time when designing your website by using the same HTML code, with small changes, for each page. You can re-use a single “master” set of code to churn out a virtually unlimited number of pages.

TIP! You can only benefit from consulting a professional who deals with web design every day. That way, you ensure you won’t make beginner mistakes, and you also have a greater chance of becoming a professional yourself since you continue to learn.

Make sure that your designs aren’t that similar to other designs in your immediate niche. To make sure this does not occur, have a look at the websites of your competitors. Being similar to other websites won’t set you apart. You’ll just be another version of the same old site to visitors.

Utilizing great website development practices has many benefits. Not only will your website be more attractive and simpler to navigate, but it will show users that they can trust your site. The achievement of your site depends entirely on the great web design. This article has many great website design tips. Use these so your site can be successful!