Find A Web Designer | How To Actually Find a Good Web Designer

In today’s web centric world almost most of the persons who run their own business use to feel the need of an elegant, eye-catching and yet at the same point of time a user friendly design to reach out to the Global community to publicize their product or sometimes there ideas. So when we decide to do the same we tend to find a web designer who can deliver us with our desired website design. But often we use to hear from peoples around us complaining about the poor user experience related to design and user-friendliness. This is where Importance of User Centric Design comes in short (Web 2.0).

Now what actually is a Web 2.0 design? The websites which offer users to do more than just retrieving information are generally known as Web 2.0 design. It can be developed based on the interactive facilities of Web 1.0 so that it can provide network as a platform of computing and also at the same point of time allowing users to run different software applications entirely through different web browsers. The basic need of the Importance of User Centric Design binds together the capabilities of client and server side software along with content syndication and the use of network protocols. There are generally six basic features that a web 2.0 website typically includes. Those are:

* Search:- This feature helps users to fetch there necessary required information by providing certain keywords.

* Links: – This feature is generally used to provide low barrier social tools.

* Authoring:- This feature provides the flexibility to create and update content provided by the collaborative work of many rather than a few Authors.

* Tags: – This featured can be described as the categorization of content by using short or one word descriptions.

* Extensions:-This can be described as the software’sthat makes the application platform along with the document server.

* Signals:- Signals are well known as syndication technology such as RSS which are used to notify registered users about recent updates.

While we search for a good web designer who understands the Importance of User Centric Design we should always keep in mind about the five basic general mistakes that we should avoid. Those are:

* Flash Intro page or tons of pages full of flash pages: Generally websites developed based on flash are very visually appealing, eye-catching and attracting. But we need to keep in mind that this doesn’t work for everyone of us. Until and unless the company is a as big as Coca-Cola or we are ready to spend a amount around a million dollar for just the promotion of our website. The website should be simple which would help to drive traffic for free.

* Choosing a designer who suggests using Frames: This is totally a search engine issue. Using frames generally hamper the search engines ability to follow your site, its navigation and the basic motto of your site.

* Using a pre-designed template to design your website: We can find several good looking pre-designed templates around us offered in various websites. But the basic problem with using these templates rather than using custom designed ones is the lack of consistency and branding.

* Do not ever use a part-time designer: The main problem in using a part time Web designer is there problem to find time for your work. They generally use to have a main job which takes up the major portion of their time.

* Using your relatives to design your website: Many times we see that peoples tend to hire someone they know personally to save their money and time. But at the end of the day most of the time it ends up being just the opposite, as they are not aware of the job.

While finding a web designer who knows the Importance of User Centric Design (Web 2.0) if we keep the above mentioned points in our mind it would not only make our life more easy but also will help us to find a designer who can deliver us with our desired standard of work.