How to do Proper Search Engine Optimization

80% of people who use the Internet use Search Engines to find the information they require. It is therefore, paramount that your prospective and current customers find your results in the first few page listings of these important Internet companies. Your Web Site can be spectacular, informative or simple, but without the correct information for Search Engines to index and without correct submissions to Internet Search Directories NO-ONE will ever find your products and services.

Search Engines and Directories are a minefield for the uninitiated. Their technology is sophisticated and continually updated to provide results for Web Sites based upon specific “key phrases”. Bad results are not the fault of the Search Engine. They are caused by poor Web Design and Search Engine Optimisation. Your Web Site can be submitted to Directories such as Yahoo where a “Real Person” reviews a submitted questionnaire and the pages of your Web site. This information is evaluated and the web site is listed (at their discretion) in a category and/or categories. Poorly designed Web Sites will not be listed. Search Engines use robots (Spiders) to crawl through and index special information contained within web site pages.

Without expert configurations your site cannot and may never be listed correctly. When required I undertake ALL search engine configurations within your pages. Paid For Inclusion: PPC, PFI, Adwords etc If required I can advise and assist with paid inclusion programmes for the main search engines, Yahoo, Google, ASK and Overture for your required key phrases. Please request further information on these services. Ask my clients how well their business is doing as a result of my services with the ever-changing technology available to Search Engines and Directories I, like all other freelancers, cannot guarantee how or where your Web Site will be listed. I will however, use my knowledge and expertise to obtain the best possible listings for you.